Email marketing automation is simply the process of sending automated emails to subscribers. In this case, the emails are sent to a particular subscriber when that person meets a certain trigger. You simply set up the email once and then as more people continue to meet the trigger you defined, the Email will continue to be sent to them automatically.
Effectively Planning and implementing  email automation is critical for the growth of your business. Sending automated emails which are timely, hyper-relevant and personalized ensures that emails are opened and clicked more frequently, thereby increasing visits and revenue for your business.
Here are some Superb Pointers you need to know about Email and Marketing Automation
 1. Show Personal Care To Your Audience 
Effective and constant communication with the audience is crucial to the growth of any business. Email Marketing automation effortlessly helps to you stay in touch with your subscribers at every point by sending relevant message at the right time. This increases the chances of building a long-lasting relationship with subscribers. Automation workflows allow you swiftly organize your contacts and segment lists; this helps you interact with your audience more personally. You can also send personalized messages to a target segment of your audience to convey a specific message.
2. Saves Time
Pre-writing mail messages and then scheduling the messages means less day-to-day management on your part. Once the automation process has been set up, you have time to devote to more important aspects of your business such as developing new products and services. All you simply have to do at intervals is to monitor your marketing campaign, then analyze reports and review emails that are not generating the expected results. Then you can optimize your marketing campaign more efficiently without having to deal with your lead nurturing manually.
3. Grow Your Revenue Faster
Effectively planning and implement an  Email marketing automation with a great sales funnel would produce a considerable increase in sales. Using automation tools to track the click-through-rates and actions by subscribers helps you segment and identify the most interested and engaged leads, thereby generating sales more easily. Furthermore, utilizing a behavior-based automation series that suggests more products that correspond to each customer’s purchase behavior can also lead to more sales.
4. Optimize Your Marketing Campaign Faster
Email marketing automation tools allow you track all email activities for Key Performance Indicators. These tools also give you access to a wide range of useful information such as emails that generated clicks and responses, which emails generated purchases, which emails require improvement in order to scale.
Analyzing these data helps you evaluate which of your content attracts more people to your products or services, which converts them to leads, and what convinces them to buy. This helps you re-strategize and adjust future initiatives, thereby helping you reach your goals in a more cost-effective and time-saving way!
In this fast-paced business environment, Email and automation marketing is that crucial element of your marketing campaign that helps you communicate with your audience efficiently and on an even more personal level. If you need help automating your campaign or simply require a team to be in charge of your entire marketing campaign, then look no further. Contact our Email marketing experts at Webhoster today to automate your email campaigns.


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