The internet of Things (IOT) simply describes any device with sensors or connection to the internet that also has the capacity to connect to other devices with the same capabilities. Devices such as headphones, smartphones, digital home assistant, wearable devices (smartwatches and Fit bit), Enabled vehicles amongst an endless array of devices operate as part of the IOT.
These fascinating innovations have blurred the line between online and offline life. This has also changed how we interact with the world around us. In our daily lives, IOT connects different kinds of devices and this can generate a lot of useful data. This data can be utilized by Digital Marketers to create impact ful insights, identify patterns and predict customer behavior and lifestyle.
Let us take a look at how the Internet of Things (IOT) is used in Digital Marketing:

Customers respond better to personalized content, IOT provides detailed amount of data which could be used to by Digital Marketers to extract valuable information. The possibilities offered by the information derived are endless and its use could range from delivering contextual messages in real-time to providing excellent customer experience. Furthermore, sales would be increased immensely since brands can identify customer preference and then recommend suitable products to meet their needs.

The staggering amount of data generated by IOT is effectively utilized to feed machine learning algorithms, which would increase the capabilities of predictive analytics. Integrating information from customer’s Digital footprint, device usage and interaction with attribution analytics would help Digital Marketers understand how customers respond to different marketing engagements.
This would be vital to identifying the most effective Marketing campaigns customers are more responsive to and also determine the conditions and trends that impact the customer’s purchase decision. IOT provides more touch points to acquire data and it also has the capacity to follow the complete conversion path across all touch points and ultimately optimize outcomes in real-time.

The expectations of Customers are really high, they expect instant access to product/service/information .when they want and wherever they want without delays. Any delay from brands can lead to loss of customers. However, since IOT can connect to the internet and exchange information, utilizing IOT can offer users instant access to product/service/information at the click of a button,

IOT opens doors to a wide range of advertising opportunities. With IOT, PPC campaigns will see a shift to mobile best practice. Since devices have the capacity to connect to the internet, then they can be used as a channel to engage customers.
For example, a compatible detergent could be advertised on your washing machine. Therefore, marketers need to leverage IOT by focusing on a mix of devices like tabs, smart devices, in-car entertainment. etc

IOT is proving to be a game-changer, it is therefore important for Digital Marketers to align with their consumer, and use the IOT development as an opportunity to refine their Digital Marketing strategy.
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