If you an avid user of the internet, you must be aware of what Google is and what it does by now? If you are not, it is a search engine that helps deliver information to people when needed.

–  Now, what is AMP?

It is a project created by Google in Cooperation with Twitter, called Accelerate Mobile Pages Project and it relates to SEO practices. It is a project created to help web publishers create mobile content that can be optimized. This means that the content loads faster and easier on mobile devices, and all devices no matter its type. The aim is to deliver the best mobile experience to its numerous users.

The main purpose of Google AMP is to provide a fast, clean and speedy mobile UX that speeds up the connectivity of web pages faster. Initially, AMP was used by publisher websites, but later it became impossible to load a page through google on mobile devices, and not see results showing the AMP lightning bolt on the left-hand side of the webpage. Google has always wanted to give its users the best experience when searching through their web pages, with this new upgrade, it’s now able to give even mobile phone users the very best of experience and load web pages faster.

–  So, what will this Google New AMP mean for your business?

For your business, it will mean that people who mostly use their mobile devices, would be able to enjoy the ease of your website rather than having complications when opening sites. This technology would alter the mobile side of activities in their digital marketing strategies. Businesses that have subscribed to this new format have been able to notice and record data an increase in website clicks, impressions, and rankings.

– What are the benefits of using Google AMP in your business?

1)  Faster loading time for visitors.

2)  Front page search results Rankings.

3)  Cached content hosted by Google.

4) Shows advertisements without taking performance losses.

5)  It allows all users to have the same user web experience regardless of the     device.

6)  Better visibility.

The disadvantages of this Google AMP are not much, as the only two visible stress about it are: Time and Money. To get the best experience for users even in Digital marketing strategy, money must be spent. So, for this, there must be funds available to ensure that your customers get the best experience on your business website. Also, time and energy need to be dedicated to upgrading the website to this new google technology.

– Types of businesses that can benefit from AMP are:

1)  News sites, blogs, and magazines that attract a huge readership (smaller         publications and sites are now also taking advantage of AMP).

2) Businesses that do not have their website optimized for mobile devices.

3) Businesses that offer services in developing countries.

Finally, in as much as Google AMP is good and a better upgrade for any business online functionality, it is better to understand all the benefits and risks associated with it before jumping on the train. It is important to understand what type of website your business has and if it is necessary to upgrade. AMP is a continuous upgrade aimed at providing the best services.

So, as a business that uses Digital Marketing strategies, it is best to subscribe to such strategic Digital Marketing technologies that will help to boost business your activities.

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