Digital Marketing is the use of different Digital channels to engage with customers on the internet, using any type of technological gadget. Digital marketers have a good idea of how Digital marketing campaigns should achieve the goal of the organization, and how it should help the business organization.

The Six Main Parts of Digital Marketing are:

 1. Search Engine Optimization : SEO is the traffic gotten from ranking high on search engines. The best SEO practices can help your website rank higher than other competitors. Now, the primary aim of SEO is to maximize content and information in a way that makes the content rank among the first results on SERP. For any business of today, Digital Marketing is extremely important, and to get a huge web traffic SEO is needed.

A Good SEO makes a business website to rank in the first or second page of SERP. The ranking processes in SEO, are often determined by a set of Algorithms on search engines. If you do not understand and follow these Algorithms this can cause your business website to rank low or even be removed from these search engines. It is the basis of every Digital Marketing strategy.

2. Email Marketing : It is Promoting business and business information by sending emails to customers. Email Marketing is the best strategy for startups to adopt because, through it, it is easier to contact customers easily. It just involves having a total list of customers interested in a company and sending them personalized emails from time to time.  When utilized properly and done properly, it boosts sales and profit, helps to retain customers, and improves brand presence. Email marketing does not involve a lot of time and money, so it is effective for any type of business.

3. Content Marketing : Every part of Digital Marketing revolves around your content. This is so because, without an engaging content that will interest the audience, it is impossible to progress as a business. Content marketing shows what a brand is all about, and what they believe in for themselves and for their customers. Companies use content marketing because it increases brand awareness, increases customer engagement, converts leads into customers, etc.

4. Social Media : In the Digital era of today, social media is a platform where individuals from all over the world connect and communicate with one another. For businesses, because social media connects individuals from all over the world, and breaks geographical barriers, it increases visibility by sharing media files on social media networking sites. Social media marketing, an important digital marketing strategy helps to promote businesses on social media platforms. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to survive as a business without using social media.

5. Websites : A website is the face of the company. It is the official representative of a company when customers need solid information about a business and what it does. Websites contain all the vital information about a business, and it works with SEO because if the right keywords are used on the website, it will rank highly on SERP’s. And the website should be openable on all technological devices, and it should be able to load fast, and not delay the customers.

6. Lead Generation : Lead generation is the most important goal of any Digital Marketing campaign. It is a strategy that lures people to a business website and turning them into prospective clients. It is simply using engaging ways to get visitors interested in your brand.

In conclusion, Digital marketing can not exist without these six elements. They co-exist inter-dependently, and for a business to have a strong online presence it is advisable to incorporate all six elements either one after the other or at the same time, depending on funds available.

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