The  world can be quite confusing if you do not understand the essential dynamics that thrive in it. The focus of this article would be on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is important to understand what the two terms mean if you want your business to thrive in digital marketing.

SEO is a popular term which deals with keywords on websites, while SMO focuses on optimizing the content on social platforms.

SEO is the traffic gotten from ranking high on search engines. The best SEO practices can help your website rank higher than other competitors. Now, the primary aim of SEO is to maximize content and information in a way that makes the content rank among the first results on SERP. For any business of today, digital marketing is extremely important, and to get a huge web traffic SEO is needed.

A good SEO makes a business website to rank in the first or second page of SERP. The ranking processes in SEO, are often determined by a set of algorithms on search engines. If you do not understand and follow these algorithms this can cause your business website to rank low or even be removed from these search engines.

SEO is important in Digital Marketing because of these:

1 ) Increased web traffic: Due to the organic top ranking and effective use of keywords, leading to more clicks, which further leads to more visitors, and most importantly, more conversions.

2 ) Visibility and Ranking: Visibility makes it easier for prospective customers to find a business when they search on search engines for a product the business has.

3 ) Helps to reduce cost: SEO is cost-effective because, you can target the type of audience that wants to patronize your business online, as opposed to paying for methods that do not produce results.

4 ) Better customer experience: All the time and effort put into creating content on a site for the target audience, and ensuring that the site ranks top organically, improves your business’s website interface with customers.

For a website to rank highly on search engines, search engine crawlers should find the website worthy of having the following:

A mobile-friendly site

A regularly updated website

Descriptive page titles and URLs

Inbound links from other websites that help check your business website as credible.

SEO is a Dynamic Digital Marketing strategy because search engines change their algorithms from time to time. It requires a lot of time and energy to ensure that your business website is important while also understanding these ever-changing algorithms.

SMO, on the other hand, has to do with social media platforms. It is designed to promote your business brand, product or services on the social world, as the name implies. It incorporates the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. SEO includes on-page and off-page optimization techniques, while SMO deals with On-page optimization techniques. SMO thrives on quality content which needs to be properly researched and curated for the right target customers.

The types of social media involved in SMO include Social networking sites like Facebook, etc., RSS feeds, Social news and bookmarking sites.

SMO is primarily needed to optimize content, to encourage more customers to use and share the links to more people across other social platforms.  Some important rules of SMO are:

Increase your site’s link ability.

Make bookmarking your business online pages easy.

Join in the online conversation ad fun, while also maintaining a business profile.

Develop an SMO strategy.

Choose good and effective SMO tactics carefully.

Know and understand your target audience.

Reward inbound links.

Have and produce high-quality contents.

Reward loyal and participating customers, etc.

So, SEO and SMO are techniques that can be done easily through professional understanding and implementation, they also give long term solutions to problems, which yields good results in Digital marketing, if done right. Knowing which of the techniques to use depends on your business goals and objectives. You can use the two, it all depends on you!

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