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Professional and affordable website maintenance services to ensure your website is running smoothly 24/7.

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Keeping your website up to date and secure can be a challenge, if you are not an expert. That's why offers affordable website maintenance costs and a variety of maintenance tasks to suit your business needs. Whether you need web content updates, bug fixes, troubleshooting, or online security protection, our skilled technicians are ready to assist you and ensure that your website performs optimally.

Why do you need a regular
website troubleshooting and maintenance?

Here are some of the reasons why maintenance
is important for your website (business):

Enhances website security

Most businesses place a high value on website security. When a website is hacked, it can lead to data theft and customer loss. With the rise of cyber criminals hacking open source CMS such as wordpress, regular website maintenance is essential, including security updates from outdated software.

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Improves website performance

Websites that are well-maintained run more efficiently and tend to have better overall performance. Malfunctioning codes can slow your website, reducing user experience and search engine visibility. Regular maintenance ensures all of the elements on your website are running smoothly.

Increases search engine rankings

Search engines such as google crawl websites to index and rank them. Regular maintenance and optimization of your website help it remain compliant with the search engine’s algorithm, thus increasing its visibility and rankings. These ranking improvements will increase the visibility of your website and eventually lead to more customers.

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Increases visitor engagement

Poorly maintained websites can lead to a bad user experience, which will cause visitors to exit quickly and discourage them from returning. Regular maintenance can help to improve the user experience, boost engagement and encourage visitors to stay longer.

Reduces costs

Ignoring regular website maintenance can lead to costly repairs and downtime in the future. To prevent this from happening, it is important to invest in a website maintenance service that will identify potential issues before they become too serious. You’ll save money in the long term and enjoy a better user experience.


Our website maintenance service helps you achieve the following

To provide the following solutions on your website.

Our website maintenance
and troubleshooting services

To ensure the website’s success,
we also include the following services

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Regular content updates

Our routine maintenance includes operations that keep your website functioning properly and secure for visitors. This includes adding or deleting content copy, images, links, videos, pages, prices, products, basic navigation changes, adding or deleting files (pdfs and other documents), changing colors as needed, and much more!

Technical support

We provide technical support, which allows your website to receive regular technical checks and fixes to ensure optimal performance. Our team of website maintenance experts is ready to assist you with a wide range of technical 0this includes; website security monitoring, domain name and hosting renewal, ick response to downtime, plugin updates, broken link fixes, daily backups, mobile responsive check, speed check and fix, setting up emails and website forms.

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What our website maintenance plan does not include

Here are some examples of what we do not provide in terms of website maintenance: Custom coding, SEO, website redesign, content writing, media creation, interactive features, and navigation redesign. We can create a custom plan for you if you require any of these services. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your needs.

Our website maintenance

We use this checklist to make sure everything is done correctly

Weekly checklist

● Find another manager. Back up the website and save previous versions in case you need to restore it.
● Fix 404 errors. (if there are)
● Search for and remove broken links
● Update plugins, themes, and software
● Test all pages to ensure they load properly
● Ensure that all forms function properly
● Ensure to remove all spam comments from posts and pages.

Monthly checklist

● Examine the website to ensure that it is fully operational.
● Look for any broken images or videos.
● Check the website’s speed and correct any errors that are slowing it down.
● Conduct a security audit to identify and resolve security issues.
● Review all content to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
● Create a report on the website’s performance

Quarterly checklist

● Ensure to keep track of the backups.
● Examine the website to ensure that it is compatible with all browsers and devices.
● Examine the website to ensure it is functioning properly and improve where necessary.
● Replace any outdated graphics and images.
● Check that pop-ups, forms, call-to-actions, and other features are working properly.

Yearly checklist

● Ensure to check that the domain name and hosting are both renewed.
● If the website’s design or internal structures need to be updated, do so.
● Recheck the footer references (for example, copyright information) and make sure they are current.
● To ensure that the website functions properly, replace outdated software, themes, and plugins with the most recent alternative technology.

OUR Case studies

How website maintenance helped the following organizations.

Fishn Canada

Fish'n Canada

CS Clean Conduit 1

Clean Conduit




Using the website maintenance and troubleshooting service we achieved the following:

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Frequently asked questions

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The cost of website maintenance will vary depending on the size and complexity of your website, as well as how often you require updates. Generally, companies charge around $35 to $150 per hour for website maintenance services. Additionally, many providers offer monthly or yearly website maintenance plans that include a set number of hours for website updates and support.

Website maintenance typically includes tasks such as content updates, bug fixes, performance optimization, and security monitoring. Depending on your website provider, website maintenance can also include additional services such as search engine optimization, design updates, and server management.

Website maintenance time varies based on the size and complexity of the website, as well as the frequency of updates. Simple tasks, such as content updates, can be completed in a few hours, while more complex redesigns may take several days. Consult your website provider for an accurate timeline for your project.

Website maintenance is important for keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly. Regularly updating content and fixing bugs will help keep visitors engaged, while security monitoring and performance optimization can protect your site from malicious attacks or slowdowns. Additionally, website maintenance can help ensure you stay in compliance with industry standards.

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