Search Engine Optimization is an important part of Digital marketing. SEO is mainly concerned with maintaining organic rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), while Digital Marketing is concerned with the total online presence of a business. So, you see that SEO is a part of Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a web page easily accessible, by attracting prospective customers to your business using the right keywords. Now, the primary aim of Search engine Optimization  is to maximize content and information in a way that makes the content rank among the first results on SERP. For any business of today, Digital Marketing is extremely important, and to get a huge web traffic SEO is needed. A good SEO makes a business website to rank in the first or second page of SERP.

Some elements that make up a good SEO in Digital Marketing are:

  1. Meta tags
  2. Page design
  3. Website names and URL’s
  4. Page contents
  5. Usability and accessibility, etc.

Types of SEO in Digital Marketing are:

1) . White Hat SEO : From its name ‘white hat’, it refers to something clean, something legal and legitimate. Here, it refers to the legal and legitimate practices and guidelines adhered and adopted by business marketers to gain high rankings organically on search engine results pages (SERP). This type of SEO abides strictly by the guidelines of Search engines.

This type of SEO does not aim at using loopholes and illegal ways to gain rankings but rather, it seeks to grow organically and legitimately. The most common types of white hat practices are (i) Publishing of quality, accurate, knowledgeable content (ii) HTML optimization (iii) Link acquisition campaigns, etc. White hat practices may be slow in producing results, but once it produces results the effects are long-lasting.

2). Black Hat SEO : As the name black connotes, it means something dark and dangerous. Black hat SEO involves the practices that aim at using loopholes in search engine algorithms to rank higher in SERP. Using these practices in Black hat SEO is illegitimate. The common black hat SEO practices are Hidden links, Hidden texts, spam links, cloaking, etc. These practices always redirect people to sites they never want to visit, and the traffic gotten from this type does not last long. 

3). Grey Hat SEO : This type is a combination of the white hat and black hat types of SEO. This type of SEO came about because of the business’s pressuring business Digital Marketers into providing immediate results for their paid services.

In conclusion, in developing an It strategy, some important factors need to be considered, they are the target market, the keywords corresponding with the ROI, Quality website and top-notch content, relevant links, and social media sites, Good performance and rankings on all search engines. It is fast becoming necessary for the success of Digital Marketing. Search engine algorithms get updated from time to time, for the sole purpose of bringing traffic. SEO is an ever-changing process and will be around to stay so long as Digital marketing and the internet still exists.

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