Trendy Kate

Women's Fashion Boutique

TrendyKate’s vision is to deliver an exquisite range of royal and provocative jewelry and women’s fashion items that attract women of all ages. Trendy Kate deals with high-quality jewelry and fashion that enhances your look and makes you feel more feminine and bolder.

TrendyKate gives you a chance to enjoy your special days with its most alluring and enticing product range at an affordable price. We deal with a wide range of products, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, jewelry sets, watches, bags, shoes, etc.

Project Goals

Problem Faced

Poor website design

They did not have a functioning website, making it difficult for their target audience to reach them.

Online sales management

There was no system in place to manage and handle online orders, track inventory, and store data

Poor content

The site did not provide enough useful information to help visitors learn about a product which resulted in low sales

Solutions Implemented

Make Sales Online

An e-commerce store was designed to manage and handle online sales and inventory. In addition, we integrated Alibaba and AliExpress with reliable payment methods to ensure customer satisfaction. We also made use of a compelling call to action to guide customers to make a purchase. 

Give Your Business A better look and Feel

We designed a new website and an interactive gallery that showcases the beautiful products sold by the brand. The pictures improved the look and feel of the website, giving users an excellent experience.

Get More Leads For Your Business

The site content was upgraded to provide useful information to visitors. We also optimized the content for SEO to enhance the visibility of the brand.


As a fashion-oriented business, it was important that we design a website that will help showcase their product in a manner that is appealing to the target audience. After implementing the solution, they got the following results:

More qualified leads

Increased sales

Brand integrity

Features Implemented

Software Solutions



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