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Hosting Account Info

Your name servers must be changed at the place you registered your domain name.

You will be informed by email to change your DNS to either:

Primary Server Hostname:
Primary Server Net Address:
Secondary Server Hostname:
Secondary Server Address:
Third Server Hostname:
Third Server Net Address:

Once you change the name servers, your domain will begin to function properly on the Internet.

This is called “internet propagation” and could take a few hours to 48 hours to complete.

Your FTP server name is “”

Temporarily, while internet propagation occurs, you can use as the server name until you have the DNS changed over to our system.

Your FTP login id is “” and password is the one you used to create the domain. Be sure that your web files are placed in the PUBLIC folder to be viewed on the Internet.

If you are using an FTP application you require the following:

The Host would be
The Username would be simply be your
The Password is the same one as your WebOS.

You can use this temporary URL to test or view your web site:

You can use FileZilla Client (not FileZilla Server)

Each plan comes with 3 MySQL databases.

Databases must have different usernames and passwords then your website.

Name of Database Server:

To create a database complete the following steps:

  1. Open your control panel and login
  2. Click on Website Management
  3. Then click on Database Manager
  4. If this is a new Database enter a new database password
  5. Select User and enter your database password to verify
  6. Click on Database and Create
  7. Enter a database name (your choice)
  8. Click on “Build Query”
  9. Click “Run Query”

And you have completed building your database!

If you use an email client, a computer program used to access and manage your email, such as MS Outlook, your mail server settings are as follows:

Protocol Port Server Name
POP3 110
Secondary Server Hostname: 993 or 143
Secondary Server Address: 1025 or 25
Third Server Hostname: 995
Third Server Net Address:

You would need to create your email address before logging into the WebMail. Your WebMail Email Client IP Your WebMail system itself is located at:

You can manage your domain hosting applications, including WebMail with our WebOS from this link: