Digital marketing campaigns are based on business set goals, objectives and even on its customers. The marketing goals of a company should also align with the business goals of a company. Creating and planning a digital marketing campaign is time and money consuming, and without the right resources, it would be impossible to afford a strategy that suits and aligns with the goals of a business. In creating a digital marketing campaign, here are the right steps to follow:

1.  Determine and outline the goals of the Business: As a business, you need to clearly state the complete goals of your business and what the strategy intends to achieve concerning the goals. The goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Without goals, it is impossible to know when the campaign is effective and when it is not, but when there are laid down goals it is easier to know how well a campaign is performing.

2. Determine your Budget : Before creating a Digital marketing campaign, it is important to have a budget. Conducting research involves money, then creating and executing the campaign costs more money. Knowing how much you will spend totally on the campaign makes it easier and cost-effective than not having a strict budget at all, and running into financial issues.

3. Conduct Market research : In creating a Digital Marketing campaign, it is important to distinctively describe the product, the features of the product, the benefits of the product, and how they stay different from their competitors. Pay attention to all the important factors like Pricing, service, distribution, and placement. From understanding these elements, you can ask yourself questions like; who your key market is, what you are selling, and your brand’s unique selling point. These can help you understand your target market and audience.


4. Determine and understand your target Market : Who are your target customers in business? It is important to have sufficient information about your customers. Understand their needs, and problems, how your product caters to their needs, how your brand helps them better than other brands, what digital marketing strategy works best on them, what channels they prefer being communicated with, etc. Also in learning about them classify them based on their age bracket, gender, occupations, social class, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.

5. Outline business campaign goals : This is different from that of the business. The goal of the business is holistic, but the goals of the campaign are specific. What is the big idea about the campaign? Outlining campaign goals would help you know if the campaign is for customer growth, to create brand awareness, or to retain old customers instead of getting new ones. Also, in determining the campaign goals, you would have to know the content of the campaign, according to the customers’ persona.

6. Content creation : After knowing the business goals and having an idea about the type of content, it is time to create content. In creating content for a digital marketing campaign for a business, it is best to use the expertise of professionals or companies to take over the job. Whether you are doing it with professionals or not, one important factor to always bear in mind when creating content is to understand the audience, they are the bedrock of any business.

7. Promotion and Execution : After content creation has been carried out, it is time to promote and execute the campaign. Many promotion channels include social media networking sites, email marketing, public relations, pay per click ads, etc. Promoting the campaign through any of these channels is dependent on which your customers use the most.

So, creating Digital Marketing without having goals and understanding how it works is mostly just a waste of money and time. Following these steps through to the end usually generates results for the business. Also in following these steps, it is important to ensure that your business team understands what the campaign is all about, and also analyse the digital marketing campaign and see if it is effective enough.


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