Digital Marketing is not just about online presence, it is about being seen and noticed for what your business does and the services it offers.

So, what is on-page SEO in Digital Marketing?

It is the technique used in optimizing web page content, images, keywords and more to rank higher and get more traffic in search engines.

On-раgе is the fоundаtiоn of every successful SEO campaign. On-page refers to what can be seen on the website; the content of the website and the HTML source code of a page.

An SEO Strategy can be Divided into two Categories, namely:

On-Page SEO: What a website is about, and what can be seen.

Off-Page SEO: How popular is the Brand’s website.

These two are important to the success of an SEO campaign but function differently as per improving search engine rankings.

On-page SEO gives you control over your website in rankings. You choose the right keywords to ensure your website ranks high organically.

The elements of on-page SEO in digital marketing, are:

1 ) Title tags: Use targeted keywords in the title tag of pages on your site. The tags are very important in on-page SEO. The title should be interesting, should contain the necessary keywords between 60-70 characters.

2 ) Meta descriptions: Giving good descriptions tells one what the website is about; a good and well-written description increases click rates. The meta description tells the user what he or she will find on the page. Meta descriptions are not a direct ranking factor, but through it, search engines can determine what the website content is and rate how much use it will be to the customers. In writing meta descriptions, it is important to highlight what information the prospective customers will find on the page, including the brand’s name, include necessary keywords and other important things.

3 ) Meta Keywords : Keywords in SEO, are words that customers enter into a search engine when they want to find out about a product. It is necessary when optimizing your meta keywords that the keywords reflect the content of your website information.

4 ) URL structure : Use short, concise and readable URL, and include the necessary keywords when creating a business URL in Digital marketing. Google rates readable URLs, so, it is important to avoid confusing URLs that do not have precise words, confusing letters or numbers. Shorter URLs rank higher organically, it is easier to share and embed while having an enjoyable user experience on the business site.

5 ) A mobile-friendly website : Everyone has a mobile device nowadays, it is easier and more comfortable to use mobile devices to surf the web. The website should be easy to use, fast to load, show all the necessary information, etc., All the time and effort put into creating content on a site for the target audience and ensuring that the site ranks top organically, improves your business’s website interface with customers.

6 ) Image Optimization : Make your image attached to contents on the website attractive include necessary keywords that will still rank highly. It is not just about uploading a picture, on social media in digital marketing using hashtags improves the chances of that image gaining more views or traffic. It does not relate with images alone, but with any media type; it is necessary to use the right keywords that describe such media or that can relate to it in any form.

7 ) Page speed : It is not enough to create a website for a business, but how fast does the website open when clicked on by people? The page speed should be fast because not a lot of people are patient. So, it is necessary to do everything to ensure that the speed of the business page is fast.

Finally, the primary goal of on-page  in digital marketing is to generate conversions and using these tactics will pull traffic to your business website and bring more customers. The perfectly optimized site creates a good user experience, and you need to create a good online presence for your business whatever it is.

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