Digital Marketing strategies involve the effective use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to attract customers to the business via online platforms.

  • What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a group of tools and tips that help a website rank higher in search engines results while driving traffic to the website and to the business. In digital marketing, when creating or updating a business’s website using SEO and keywords is important to be seen online. When search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., are being used by people, your site becomes the most top ranked if the right keywords are used. It is important to use words that people would ordinarily use when searching on the internet, not using big words.

In creating an SEO strategy, it is important to understand that it is dynamic and ever changing from time to time. In developing an SEO strategy, it is important to understand the following:

  • Who your Target Audience is

SEO is more than attracting traffic; it also involves attracting customers that will add value to the business by patronizing the business, showing interest and reacting on the website. It is important to understand and identify what the target audience is searching for, where they are located, and when these questions are answered, SEO will be more accurate and effective.

  • The increasing use of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are handier, cheaper, and easier to move from place to place. So, with the explosion of mobile devices in the technology market, it is important to understand that optimizing websites for mobile device browsers is necessary if you want your company’s website to be ranked tops in search engines results.

  • Expansion of Search Engines

Google used to be the only prominent search engine, but with the explosion of technology, other search engines have sprung up and are being used by people. So, it is not just about ranking tops on Google, but also on other search engines.

  • What your Target Audience is Searching for

People are also changing, and the way they search on the internet has changed also with time. People are now becoming aware of the ease and simplicity that the internet has, so the keywords they use in searching on search engines has also changed with time. It is important to focus on words that translate into conversations and profits rather than focusing on words that bring more traffic, although that is also important.

The use and importance of SEO in the success of digital marketing cannot be overemphasized. There has been a shift and change in the technology area over the years, the way people looked for things online has changed. It is important to pay close attention to the quality and ways through which traffic can be driven to a business website. In addition to SEO, it is necessary to create a social media platform base to attract customers also. People now interact through social media platforms, and the efficient use of social media also attracts new customers.

In SEO and Digital Marketing, it is necessary to understand the customer base profile as this will help you to know what your customers and potential customers are searching for, why they are searching and how they are searching too.


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