The rise of Digital Marketing Messaging Platforms can be traced to times when business marketers noticed a shift of interest from the traditional type of media (Television, Radio, Newspapers, etc.), to a period where people spent many hours of the day on the web, surfing through the web, buying, selling, ordering or just casually chatting with friends.

As the rise of Digital Marketing strategies became more popular, it also gave consumers new platforms to have stronger voices and have views. The period of customer engagement was ushered in when businesses realized that their messaging attempts were bringing in a lot of responses and positive reviews that proved to be a good marketing strategy and performance ROI became easier to convert and calculate.

As a result, brands now started putting in money to get results, and currently, they still spend so much money on various digital marketing strategies, and now mostly on messaging platforms.

This is happening because customers are getting familiar with chatting and receiving needed answers immediately. Businesses can use these Messaging Platforms to deliver quality content, engage with customers and provide personalized customer care services all at once.

In delivering content, using Digital Marketing messaging platforms, it is necessary to ask and get familiar with the following question:

– Who your target audience/customers are?

-How the messaging platform service will add value to your customers?

-How you would want to deliver messages and respond to customers as an official brand? Etc.,

These Questions would help a business find a message Platform and technique that works best for their own business while relating with customers in a personal way to attain loyalty. In relating with customers in a personalized way as a business, it is important to understand that there is a form of anonymity that exists, two persons behind screens who know nothing about each other (distance barrier, language barrier, etc.,) may exist. Therefore, as a brand it is important to always know that this is a business-customer relationship only. Only engage with customers and proffer necessary solutions without getting unnecessarily familiar.

There are 4 Major Types of Digital Marketing Messaging Platforms, they are:

1)  Emails : it is a messaging Platform that allows business marketers to communicate with customers on product information or personal urgent issues that may be of help to the customer. It is the oldest form of messaging channels, that has transcended over the years even unto Digital Marketing and is still in vogue.

All it requires nowadays is for the business to have a customer database where all the email of their customers is located, this way it is easier to reach customers. Some brands have made it more creative and personal by sending celebratory messages to customers during holidays, festive seasons or their birthdays.

2) In-app Messages : These are messages that pop up when customers are using business apps. It does not require any technical skills but is operated by a bot software that immediately answers the questions of customers if there is any.

3) Push notifications : This type of Digital Marketing messaging platform allows notifications and messages to pop up on customers’ screens even if they are not using the business’s app or website. For a customer to receive push notifications, they must subscribe to receive such messages.

4)  News feed cards : This is a messaging channel that allows marketers to deliver content to consumers who are active on a business’s website or app, without even subscribing to receive the news feed.

Finally, the better a business brand maximizes the goodness of Digital Marketing messaging platforms, and how to use it effectively, the more the awareness and engagement around the brand increases. Business is about customer target and satisfaction,which will lead to Profit making with the right strategies. key into this digital trend

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