In Developing a good Marketing message, communication must be effective; this means that the message should be one that the customers can identify with and that there can be feedback. Constructing and developing a marketing message is more than what most marketers think it is all about.

So, What is a Marketing Message?

A Marketing Message, is simply what you tell your customers when you are selling a good, product or service to them. The marketing message must have the power to compel and influence the audience towards a cause. A Marketing Message should be written with care, bearing in mind the needs and profile of the company’s audience. It should be able to move the audience towards patronizing the product or service being sold.

A Marketing Message is not just all about what you must say to the customers, it involves how you present the message to them, to elicit a positive response that goes on a personal level. They should be able to relate to the message. Also in creating and developing a Marketing Message, it is important to understand that you are not only speaking to an already existing audience but you are also crafting the message for newer customers.

 Steps involved in crafting a Powerful Marketing Message.

The steps involved in creating a powerful Marketing Message are:

1 . Identify the People you are Speaking to:

This is the most important step in crafting a powerful Marketing Message. It is important to have a general idea about the type of people you are writing for or else, the Marketing Message loses its intended effects without even reaching the target audience intended for. A message that does not speak to the target audience is as good as a waste, but a Marketing Message that is properly effective is interesting and efficient. It is always important to capture the interest of your target audience, by understanding the customer base profile.

2  . Identify the Problems Experienced by the Target Audience:

It is important to understand and note the problems the target audience is facing and how they feel about such problem, this helps the marketer to know how to draft the message. Creating a  message, the problems of the audience should be considered and explain to the audience how the product can solve their problems effectively. Speak to their problems, challenge their problems and clear whatever doubts they may have in past times with other products and services; make your own product different from the rest.

3. Have a Solution to their Problem :

Also, it is important to understand that your product must solve their problems. Introduce the solution as a remedy to all the problems and challenges they have experienced in past times. Then you want to list all the benefits that your product must offer and how it will help them.

4 . Present to the Audience Past Testimonies from your Product:

It is not enough to tell people that your product can help them, there must be evident proof, either with pictures or anything convincing enough. People do not invest money into buying a product or patronizing a service without a testimony of some sort that is convincing. Tell previous customers to send in their testimonies to convince the new customers to join the product family. No one buys a new product without referrals or testimonies unless it is a new brand and the customer wants to experiment.

5 . Identify and Explain what makes you Different from the Competitors:

Communicate what makes you stand out and different from the competitors. A lot of brands already sell the same product, what makes your product special than the next. Explain this to the target audience.

In crafting a Powerful message, it is important to isolate what the company thinks of their product, it is necessary to understand the customers and what is in it for them, so they will patronize. A marketing message should be able to speak to the needs, challenges, of the target audience and speak on satisfying them.

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