SMM is known as Social Media Marketing and SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO means optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine result pages. SEO works by using specific keywords when designing a website, or a blog post. The search engines have algorithms that they follow and without understanding and following these algorithms, it would be impossible to rank high on SERPs. These keywords are based on words that prospective customers type into the search engine when looking for a piece of particular information, product, or service, and if a business understands the type of customers it has, it would be easy to determine the keywords to use on their website to rank higher. Meanwhile, Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing, and SMM is a paid form of social media advertising.
It is a Digital Marketing strategy that involves using paid adverts to promote brand awareness solely on social media platforms. The future of the internet is social media, and most businesses now maximize this opportunity by creating social media pages for their businesses, but beyond that, some brands now pay for sponsored advertisements on these sites. The advertisements on these sites are cheaper compared to the traditional means of advertising and marketing businesses.
The main aim of SEO is to rank high in Search Engine Result Page SERP, while the main aim of SMM is for branding, advertising, and lead generation. SMM is a part of Off-page SEO and it focuses mainly on social media networking sites. The importance of SEO or SMM depends on the type of business. Not all strategies work for every type of business, though each is necessary, some businesses fare better without one. But for Digital Marketing, the goals of the business decide what should be used. A business may prefer to have more social media engagement and presence than having people visit their website.
Also, some small-scale businesses do not have enough finances to create websites for their businesses, so they resort to social media platforms that allow them to put their businesses to the world either for free or for a sponsored fee.

How to know which is better for your business SMM or SEO?

1 )Time:

If a business wants to target customers and reach a particular audience within a particular time, it is best to use SMM. SMM allows people to see your business posts, whether they click on them or not. It just pops up on their timeline, and thereby engagement is guaranteed. But with SEO, the website has to first rank high organically, and then the customers then decide if they want to click on the link to the website or not. SEO takes time to produce results, but SMM produces results faster within a shorter time.

2) Reach:

This is the number of people who see your advertisements for your campaigns. Social media platforms have people all over the world registered on them, so their reach is massive, but also on search engines people search for what they want personally. So if an advert post can reach people all over the world, rather than having to search for it word by word, then it is obvious that in terms of reach SMM is better.

3) Target audience:

Digital marketing is about reaching the right audience. With SMM, the posts pop up on a timeline based on your preferences and what images or videos you view from time to time, while SEO only delivers its content to a particular target audience it has been designed for.
In conclusion, knowing which is more important in Digital Marketing, SEO or SMM is largely dependent on the business owner and the goals of the brand. It is okay to decide to use one of them, but a business will thrive more if it makes use of both SEO and SMM, in its Digital Marketing.
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