Hiring a Professional Web Designer

If you’re going to have a business these days, you need a website if you want to get the word out. Websites are the key advertising tool for small businesses. Everyone turns to their smartphones to find out what is in the local area,and not to the phone book (remember phone books?) TV or radio ads are too expensive and too hit-and-miss. A website is always up and advertising.

So why would you ever skimp on creating your website?

Yes, creating a website isn’t all that hard for a basic one. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my clients that their first websites were something whipped up by a family member or a friend on the cheap (or free) just to get their name out there.

But putting up a site this way can actually make you lose money in the long run. Why?

Technical problems

While many people know how to make a website, they may not know things like:

  • How to secure your website against hackers.
  • How to put SSL on your site so you can take online payments without fear.
  • Modern UX principles that attract customers, not repel them.
  • How to design a site with SEO in mind.
  • How to set up your own email service.
  • How to teach you, the business owner, how to maintain the site once it is turned over to you.
  • How to start advertising your site on local search sites (e.g. Google My Business) which gets your name out there rapidly.
  • How to integrate your site with social media services, should you choose to use them.

And much more. See, there’s much more to setting up a site than just making it look good. And if these features aren’t there, that means leads might hop from your site to someone else’s. Or worse, not find you at all. That means lost sales. No business wants that!

For the amount of money it costs to make a quality site, you can make it back pretty quickly in sales since they should increase significantly within a few weeks of an upgrade. Plus, if you plan on doing advertising on social media or running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign your website is still the foundation that everything runs back to. You can craft the perfect ads and posts, but if your site doesn’t look good, isn’t fast, isn’t secure, people will be turned off and leave.

Plus, unlike drag-and-drop template sites, hiring a professional designer gives you total control over the site. You don’t have to worry about it going down like if you use a template site. And, since the hosting is in your name, it’s a lot cheaper in the long run to have a pro designer build the site once and then show you how to maintain it.

Put simply, if you want a great looking site that is secure and your customers will love, you need to pay a professional to build it. You get what you pay for. Each customer turned off by a bad site is a lost sale, perhaps permanently. Don’t let it happen.

Author: Joseph Marrello

Joseph Marrello is the co-founder and Managing Director at Webhoster.ca. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company and has played a major role in bringing Webhoste.ca up from its humble beginnings and, with his immense energy and drive, transforming it into a globally trusted name in IT solutions.

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