Functional Medicine Consortium

Health care

Incorporated on 14 August 2021, The Functional Medicine Consortium is an independent health partner with Ultra Lab Tests. Ultra Lab Tests provide affordable, convenient, comprehensive, and confidential laboratory testing and health screening services for both consumers and healthcare professionals

At The Functional Medicine Consortium, clients who want to lose weight or suffer from debilitating chronic conditions are provided help to get an exact report and assistance with their suffering and proper guidance to overcome their ailments. The Functional Medicine consortium will help you save money by providing information on exact supplements that fit your body’s needs without wasting resources on things that won’t work

Project Goals

Problem Faced

Poor website functionality

The website content was not optimized for search engines making it difficult to be seen when related content is searched by the target audience

Hard to navigate

With no proper structure, the website was hard to navigate which affected sales because visitors could not get useful information with ease

Difficult order process

Visitors found it difficult to place orders for supplements because the website did not have a functioning platform and useful content which resulted in the loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction

Solutions Implemented

Make Sales Online

The site is furnished with useful and compelling content that will help visitors place an order with ease. With a three-step process visible and explained on the site, visitors can place an order for supplements without hassle, and database management is top-notch

Give Your Business A better look and Feel

We designed a new website with user-friendly features to improve user experience and navigation.

Get More Leads For Your Business

The site content was structured to provide relevant information and to also enable visitors to find that information with ease. This content encouraged visitors to take action


The Functional Medicine Consortium is now equipped with an easy-to-use website and clean interface that makes it easy for visitors to access relevant content and make informed decisions. The results of these are:

site visitors

More qualified leads

Increased sales  

Features Implemented

Software Solutions



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