Business Booster will make your Sales Skyrocket.

How to Increase Online Sales?

Are you having a difficult time getting more customers or clients to your Online Store?  

It could be that your website is not built correctly and, therefore, not being rankling well on Google. We have a solution that will help you generate Traffic, Leads, Prospects and Sales to your website, developing a healthy sales funnel.

How to drive traffic to your website?

With Google dominating  the world’s search engine market share with 87.96% (Statista) there is really no alternative.  (Microsoft is second with Bing at 5.27%.)  

To get that traffic, you need to be on Google’s first page. You can do this by buying keywords from Google Ad, or you can gain an audience organically by using our revolutionary Business Booster.

How does the Business Booster Work?

Google uses algorithms to rank websites. These algorithms, for the most part, is proprietary knowledge. However, Google has its tool called the Google Lighthouse, which allows you to see how well your website scores on the Google Search Engine. Based on this knowledge, we created The Business Booster, which ensures your website scores in the 90s out of a 100 score.

We found out it isn’t just about code. It’s a combination of both code, software, and hardware.

How can your website be found on Googles first page?

Trying to be on Google’s first page is the goal of any company. Not being found is like building a business in a forest without a road.
If you are using automated do-it-yourself solutions or a CMS website template, you may find it impossible to improve your ranking. The website may look good, but again will ever be found? Google expects a safe, fast and error-free website. Your website needs to be healthy and constructed correctly.

Google Lighthouse looks at these important elements when ranking on their search engine. 

  • Performance

  • Best Practices

  • Accessibility

  • SEO

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) verified

With our Business Booster you can ensure your website will be designed to be found on Google.

Compare Results

Here are the Google Lighthouse results for companies that develop websites.

Square Space

Unmatched Results

Business Booster is proven to work. There is no comparison if we can do this for our site,, we can also do this for your business website.  

We are 100% Confident

We build beautiful websites securely and correctly, always.  We will design, host, maintain and promote your website. 
With Business Booster, nothing stops your business from getting more traffic, leads, prospects and sales.

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