8 Things Found in a Quality Website

You need a top-quality website if you want to succeed online over the long run. It must be distinct (and better) from the thousands of other websites in the same niche, whether you are running a news blog, a content-driven website, or an e-commerce company.
It is not an easy task, taking into account that everything has to be decided by a computer program and not a human.
Developing a quality website starts before you write the first line of code, or even before you get the domain. Careful planning at the start will save you from expensive problems or a poor-performing website. There are eight things that all websites need at the start, and here they are.

A clear domain Base of Quality Website

A domain is the URL of your website, specifically the part before the last dot. In www.google.com, the domain is google. Domain names need to be easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to say. Shorter is usually better, but it’s hard to find a short name these days. The average length is 12-14 characters and uses two words.

Good hosting

A commercial website must have stable hosting. If your website goes down, you lose business and reputation. It must also be able to handle the traffic you expect to get. Setting up your own server is usually a bad idea unless you really know what you’re doing. Go with a trusted hosting service and pay the monthly fee to make your quality website.
Quality website


As part of your hosting, you should purchase security (SSL or TLS) as part of your package. Not only will this show customers that they can give you financial information safely, but it will also give you a boost in search engine rankings. Google is pushing hard to make the entire web use secure internet protocols.

A good CMS

The days of coding pages by hand from scratch for a business are long gone. Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla now run most e-commerce sites. Using a CMS will make it far easier to update your website, perform SEO tasks, and make your site look beautiful and functional.

Clean navigation and design

One of the most important factor of a quality website is the user interface of a site. It is noticed even before the information is read. We use things like headers and navigation bars to orient our eyes before we start reading. If your site is frustrating to navigate or makes it hard to access wanted information then you will lose visitors.

Core information is easy to reach

There are certain things that a visitor wants to find with zero problems. It’s the same information you’d put into a phone book ad. People want to know who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. All of this information must be easy to find. If these basics are missing, you’ll lose customers.


If you are running a business website, you will need analytics to track how well your site is doing over time. If you do any sort of marketing, analytics will tell you how well it performs. Get your quality website hooked up to the analytics package of your choice first thing. Google Analytics is the most common and it’s free with a Google account.

An editorial calendar

Websites are not billboards. They need to receive updates every so often to remain fresh in the minds of search engines and visitors. Setting up an editorial calendar for SEO audits, content updates, CMS upgrades, and other website maintenance tasks will help keep your site in tip-top shape.
These eight things are the foundation of a quality website. If you get these in place, your website will be a support for your business instead of a hindrance.
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