Do you want a compelling LinkedIn profile? There`s probably more to building one than you think. If your profile embodies certain content or lacks specific requirements, it may be a turnoff to recruiters. So what should you avoid to have a perfect profile? We have compiled five mistakes to avoid to have a topnotch LinkedIn profile. Here you go!

5 LinkedIn Profile Pitfall you should Avoid

Using an Inappropriate Photo

LinkedIn is not like any other social media platform. As a result, not every lovely picture suits your LinkedIn profile. What you use as your LinkedIn profile picture tells a lot about your professionalism. And of course, you don`t want to give recruiters a wrong impression of yourself. Ensure that you dress appropriately, use some decent or natural lighting, and take a photo that is fit for a professional setting.

Displaying Desperation

As tiring as job-hunting can be, don`t let the frustration and desperation of your job search reflect in your activities on LinkedIn. Keep your profile and interactions professional so that recruiters and potential clients can take you seriously. Your profile should state the specific fields and roles you can function, without pointers that you are open to doing anything to get a job.

Branding yourself with your Current Job

You have a job, however you are open to more excellent opportunities. To achieve this, don`t give the impression that you`re overly attached to your current job. No matter how top-rated you are in your current workplace, make efforts to appear open to opportunities. You can do this through your profile and updates. Avoid using your company`s logo as your background picture, or consistently posting your company`s content. Also, try using some neutral content related to your field.

Not Listing Adequate Past Experiences

Remember that LinkedIn is focused on your professional life, so optimize your profile to make the best of that. One of the ways to quickly find people on LinkedIn is through searches. If you desire to increase the possibility of being found on LinkedIn, include your past work experiences and the schools you attended in your profile. This way, prospective employers are more likely to find you through searches, and you`re open to more opportunities.

Not Having Three Recommendations

Try not to neglect any LinkedIn requirement. One of such essential requirements is having three recommendations. To get your LinkedIn profile to 100%, you need to provide these recommendations. This is quite helpful because LinkedIn job postings require at least these recommendations. Since these recommendations are so important, then do all you can to get them.


Eureka! You probably now know why your LinkedIn profile has not been attracting recruiters. Avoiding the five mistakes we have discussed will put you at a vantage point over other people seeking some professional connections on LinkedIn. This way, those great opportunities you find will come your way. To get some assistance in managing your LinkedIn profile, contact us at Webhoster to give you some quality branding.

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