Smart bloggers know the Benefits of Building email lists. It is one of the Best ways of retaining visitors and making prospective clients keep returning to the blog. However, creating an email list is one thing, but properly doing it is another. We`ve put together five email list mistakes you should avoid if you want to boost your email list and improve your business.

5 Things you Shouldn`t Do when Building an Email List

Requesting Irrelevant Information

Building an email list is unarguably essential, and it is inevitable to request visitors` information. However, when making an email list, avoid asking visitors for too much information. Demanding that they fill their full names and addresses is excessive. Their first name and email address is enough information if you desire to increase your opt-in rate.

Excluding Subscription Confirmation

If you use a double opt-in feature that requires people to confirm their subscription, it would be great to inform intending subscribers. This way, they wouldn`t lose the opportunity to get listed. This further implies that you won`t miss the chance to reach out to them via email. Failure to do this may, over time, cause you to lose a significant portion of potential leads. Endeavour to have a notification that appears upon every attempt to subscribe so that people can effortlessly confirm their subscription.

Have no System of Converting Commenters

You have put together some good content and attracted some traffic; great! Some of these people even write comments, probably because they find your content worthy of engagement. It is not enough to reply to their comments. You should have a system in place to redirect them to a landing page so they can subscribe. This would encourage them to engage your content, and you can boost your email list.

An About Us Page with no Opt-in Forms

After coming up with a beautifully-written About Us page, you shouldn`t lose the opportunity to retain these people you have convinced to remain on your site. Your About Us page is probably the most-visited page on your site, so leverage it by integrating opt-in forms, so that interested visitors can subscribe immediately.

Using Default Email Templates

Internet users feel better engaged when they have human interactions on web pages. There are many computerized requests already, and your email list request doesn`t have to be one of them. Those default messages lack the spark and emotions to drive people to subscribe. Always personalize your call-to-action to attract more subscribers to your email list. Create something that suits your brand and is compelling enough to get your visitors to take action. This way, they feel convinced to subscribe to your email list.


You probably don`t see email lists as commonplace as you did anymore. It is one of the most effective ways of building your blog traffic and generating leads. As you have seen, you can manage your email lists better if you avoid these five mistakes that we have discussed. To get some assistance with your email list, contact us at Webhoster to give you all the support you need.

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