Digital Marketing Campaign is Dynamic; that is just how it is. So, to stay relevant in the business, you must also remain dynamic in planning your strategies while engaging target customers.

Your business strategies have to be attractive to your customers while still delivering unique and high-quality content and adding value to customers. In this article, we are focusing on 30 brands with the best Digital marketing campaigns. These brands are smashing it in their fields with their campaigns.

30 brands with the best Digital Marketing Campaigns:

1)  American Express:

Creating a community for your business brand online is of utmost importance. Make everyone feel empowered, turn it into a family, and let your customers feel connected to the brand; this is what American Express does. They have an open forum website for their customers, allowing guests and speakers from different walks of life to interact with them and empower them.

2)  Single Grain and Eric Sui:

Their strategy involves putting their content on every online platform; you name it, they have their content on it. You never know where your customers may come from; just publish your content and engage everyone from anywhere.

3)  Zappos:

It is a shoe-producing company that also participates in e-business. Their selling point is the online customer care service they deliver. They do not focus on their business profit alone but on their customers by looking for new ways to make business easy and stress-free through the best digital marketing campaigns.

4)  Mint:

You want to add value to your customer in one way or another, right? That is precisely what Mint did. They educated their customers in financial ways. Imagine being able to control your expenses and budget, all thanks to a business brand.

5)  Lyft:

This brand has one of the best digital marketing campaigns from the traditional method of referrals. Lyft is a car service that provides the best riding experience for its customers. Not everyone can afford a car, and when you experience an excellent ride service, you tell your friend, and the friend tells the next friend, and that is how the world goes around, referrals, no matter how long it may take, once it is worth it, it will last.

6)  Dollar shave club:

Have interesting content, engage your audience, and know your target audience. Use whatever is within your reach to engage them. This brand used funny videos to engage their customers with a digital marketing campaign, and now they have the market running for them, as they wanted to. Always seek to have fun!

7)  The wire cutter:

This brand used similar referrals, but their method was done online. They always know where to direct you if you are looking for gadgets.
Digital marketing campaign


8) Slack:

Slack focuses on giving its customers the best user experience. No one likes stress; you would not want your customers to experience it. No matter what business you are into or what service you provide, the company would be pretty shaky once the customer operations are sad.

9)  Airbnb:

Airbnb brand came into the business and redefined the way people travel and book hotels. Their strategy is User Generated Content, where they repost their customers’ reviews and pictures on their social media platforms through digital marketing campaigns while connecting with loyal customers.

10) Jet blue:

It is not just about promoting your business, responding to your customers’ worries and complaints, and attending to them promptly.

11)  Yelp:

Yelp uses the referral marketing system. Once you offer excellent services and have a good business relationship with your customers, you will receive more reviews and referrals from your customers to their friends and family to patronize whatever service you provide.

12)  Master Card:

They engage their customers through their media content, so knowing the type of customers your business caters to is necessary. Their digital marketing campaign was implemented at the right time and got the response it needed.

13)  Uniqlo:

A Japanese apparel company that wanted to be recognized not only as a fashion brand but also as a company interested in technology, and they did just that.

14) Dominoes:

It is, again, all about making life stress-free for customers. They were already connected to the digital media world but needed to ensure their customers got their hot pizza quickly regardless of distance.

15)  Heineken:

Spread positivity; bring the world together, irrespective of differences, with just a bottle of beer. They created a digital marketing campaign that focused on various views.

16) Tesla:

Use any social media networking site to your advantage. Engage your customers, and show them the amazing things the brand gets up to. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, also has a massive following on his social media platform and connects virally with his followers worldwide.
17)  Clean:
Invest in digital marketing strategies; you never know which will win; invest and believe.

18) Twitter (Brand bowl):

Believes in engaging customers in a fun and exciting way and challenging them; rewards their participation and dedication.

19)  KFC:

Be creative, no matter how good you think your business is, and be dynamic in your ways.

20)  Ultra Music Festival:

Again, you need to know your audience. The digital organizers of this event understood that some of their target audience would not be able to attend the music festival, and they provided a platform for their audience to live stream from wherever.

 21)  Sephora:

Attend to your customers’ requests by providing more accessible ways for them to patronize your products. Using technology provides a means.

22)  Porsche:

Know your audience and engage them. They pledged their affluent customers through a hologram video and received fantastic feedback while profiting from it.

23) The shelter pet project:

This brand uses Facebook to help care for society by providing a home for homeless animals.

24) Doctor Who:

This show incorporated the trend and popularity of social media to maximize its content and gain more audience for its TV show.

Some other popular brands that have one of the best Digital Marketing Campaigns include:
25) Truth
26) Sharknado
27) Taco Bell
28) Deadmau 5
29) Worldwide breast cancer
30) ALS Association.

From the compilation of these brands, the most famous campaigns were attending to the customers’ needs, which cannot be overemphasized because, without your customers, you have no business. Time, energy, and funds are needed for a successful digital marketing campaign that speaks to your target audience.
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