3 Google Search Console Features That Could Help Your SEO in 2019

Google announced recently the implementation of new features within search console ( formerly known as webmaster tools ) that will ultimately aid in SEO. Look for these few additions and some notable changes that you should become familiar with to improve your site rank.

  1. Crawl Error Reports– Google is moving crawl errors to the Index coverage report. This means that users can find and fix errors faster on urls that cannot be indexed. The coverage report is also where users can submit their sitemap and they can track urls by data filtering. Google will be able to crawl sites more efficiently which will improve index speed within the pages in the submitted Google sitemap.

2. Url tracking– Search Console revamped their url inspection tool so that users can reviews urls on their own website. Users can review headers and page resources similar to how Google would see them. According to Google, the url inspection tool provides detailed crawl, index, and serving information about pages direct from Google index.

3. Link Building Function– The link building function will enable users to see incoming links to their website and what keyword text is being used for those links. Knowing this information could help with improving link- building strategies by allowing the monitoring of the top pages within the link building function.

Find out more about using search console with your website at Google support. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6258314?hl=en

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