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Website Improvements
Often a website that has worked well in the past may lose its ability to deliver desired results. Ask yourself…
Is the design unattractive/older style?
Is the website hard to navigate?
Are visitors responding to your call-to-action?
Are searchers finding my business on the major search engines (Google or Yahoo!)?
Is there a feature requested by your clients/customers?

Perhaps your site was originally created in-house out of necessity, but now its not generating sufficient traffic and keep up with your competitors.

Very often, you do not need to start over, but transform your existing pages to meet your needs and present your companies' products and services in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. This in turn gives the consumer a positive shopping experience.

We offer website improvement consultation and implementation. We will review your site to assess usability, functionality, look and feel, search engine readability and overall structure.


The latest website upgrades are less about flash and more about content in an effort to draw visitors and build credibility; it's more about substance than design. You may be missing an opportunity to become a destination site for customers and prospects by offering valuable information.

Webhoster And you may be stuck paying for outsourced maintenance that you could do cheaper - and faster - in house. We can set up a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) program for you.
The impetus for change in the last few years has been the broad adoption of high-speed Internet access. The increase in typical downloading speed has not only given designers the freedom to create more complex and imaginative sites, it’s also encouraged corporations to load their sites with white papers and other resource materials that may be helpful to prospects and customers. We can help.
We have identified key priorities in redesign:
More robust and relevant content, but Flash still has a place to entice users.
Better navigation and site design
Addition of Google Analytics or other similar software
Adoption to style sheets and templates
Applets for user identification and tracking
Internal search engine to help users find by keyword, category, and parametric lookup.
The most common redesign involves the use of “content management tools” to simplify data changes. Updates are faster and cheaper, initiated directly by the in-house staff closest to the information. This is particularly helpful to companies rely on outside service firms that are unresponsive or costly. Websites are more Return on Investment (ROI) accountable.

Companies are paying close attention to the visitor-to-sales ratio—with measurable results in hand. One cost-effective way to boost ROI is through search-engine optimization. Marketing departments realize that their first Web contact with a new prospect may be via Google or Yahoo; therefore, search-engine optimization can offer a strong ROI, especially when it enables B2B companies with expensive products and a solid sales/closing ratio to reach key audiences.

It all goes back to win the customer and our expectation that these site upgrades will drive stronger customer relationships with the big payoff of customer loyalty.

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