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Have you harnessed your websites full earning potential?
Website Improvements
Your Website has been optimized and
you've got a ton of visitor traffic ... but your sales are 'not' great...

Now What?

That’s where the “Hits to Profits Conversion” Package comes in.  Sales or commission can be lost at many points in the process when a visitor is on your site.

Every site must have these key components:

Good navigation
Easy to use search tools
Easy payment process
A professional and trustworthy looking website
Well-priced, easily understood shipping rules
Good information for frequently asked questions
Webhoster Remember; don't make your customer do any more work than is absolutely required.  Every time a visitor has to ‘click or think’ - you could lose them.  Make certain the focus is on clicking the order button, and then on completing the sale.

All of our enhancements are built around this concept.

We gather information about your business and your customers.  Then we consult on what is the best approach to take. This is based on your request as well as features we've seen work for the biggest benefit to increase sales. Sometimes it’s adding a special feature, other times it may be adding Google Ads, linking to or incorporating eBay into your site.
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Other examples of enhancements include:
Webhoster Floating Shopping Cart
Display cart contents on every page with the Floating Shopping Cart
Webhoster Random Item Cross-Sell
Keep your page content fresh.  Keep your shoppers interested.  Take advantage of the easy, no-maintenance, benefits.
Webhoster Track Affiliates
Keep track of your commission from your affiliates
Webhoster Live Chatpad 
Customers can contact you live with this feature.  You can answer questions and secure a sale.
Webhoster Recently Viewed Items
Displaying recently viewed items conveniently on each item page.
Webhoster Random Homepage Specials
The enhancement dynamically populates your featured items field.  This is great for Search Engine Optimization and for holding your shoppers' interest.
We believe every website can improve and in the process earn more profit.
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