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The Template Website Design Package allows you to select from over 3200 templates (pre designed websites). Here are the steps:
Choose a unique name for your website and have it registered. You need a website ‘domain’ name before we can build your website. If you don’t have a website name you can get a Domain Name here.
Contact one of our website experts today who will help you determine your website objectives and translate your business needs into a website specification.  Determine what benefits you expect from your website, for example:
Save printing costs (offer electronic brochures)
Save postage and packaging costs
Increase sales response times
Increase staff productivity by reducing routine phone queries
Increase sales prospects even when your office is closed
Determine how you will maintain and update your website. Do you have regularly changing prices, menu items, clearance sales, etc.?  All Template Designed Websites will support “Adobe Contribute” which is a very easy-to-use website text editor.  End-users can make text updates without the fear of ‘breaking’ something.
Choose HTML or Flash Packages: one of our website experts will explain the pros and cons of each website display method.  Web Hosting will be $9.95 per month with the 1st month free.  If you don’t have a package you can get a Template Package here.
Choose a website style from over 3,000 templates or let one of our experts recommend some to you.
Speak with one of our website experts who will collect the text and images you supply. Within 10 business days from when you provided your content to us, review your completed website, work with your website expert to make minor changes, and publish the completed website so that it operates under your website name.
Page Types
There are 8 types of web pages used in our website templates.

Some template categories have specific page types, based on the likely need of that vertical market. For example, a restaurant will likely need a menu page, while an artist would probably desire a portfolio gallery.
First page with a description, brief statements, possibly promotional marketing
About Us
Mission statement, business strategies, personal biography, organizational info
Description of the services that are offered with brief explanation of service
Products, Gallery, Portfolio
List of products with accompanying images and descriptions (limited number – see details below)
News, Press Releases
Press releases, white papers, published news articles
Employment, Careers, Jobs
Career opportunities descriptions, criteria, submission method
Up to 20 external links
Contact Us
Map image (Google maps)
Email message form
What You See Is What You Get
There are no web page substitutions. If a hairdresser desires to use a restaurant template but wants to substitute the menu page for a services page, the services page is an extra charge (we will provide you with a quote) and the menu page is discarded.
Number of Images
The number of images that can be placed on each page (except Products, Gallery or Portfolio) is defined by the number of existing image placeholders in each template. Adding extra images or additional pages with additional images, will incur an additional charge. The Products, Gallery, and Portfolio pages include up to 10 images, with each image accompanied by a description of up to 500 characters, including spaces.
Editing included at no charge during your final website review
Changing images (up to 5 distinct occurrences)
Replacing an image of equal size in, or under, the header.
Relocating images on a page or from one page to another.
Inserting a standalone image – one that is not integrated into the website design or layout.
Customizing menu (up to 3 distinct occurrences)
Changing the label in an HTML navigation menu button – excludes changing the number of buttons and excludes Flash buttons.
All navigation buttons are fully interoperable and consistent across all pages in the website.
Changing text (up to 10 distinct occurrences)
Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes identified by the customer. (We do not make any grammar or spelling changes under any circumstances without the customer’s express request).
Inserting a new paragraph or less of text into an existing body of text.
Changing any element in a template’s Cascading Style sheet (CSS) (up to 10 distinct elements)
Typical elements might include background colour, website-wide font style change (e.g. Arial to Times-Roman), link colour, etc. What can or cannot be changed in a CSS is specific to the CSS file included with the respective template.
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