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Delivering the right web solution for your business, on time, on budget with our highest quality.
Website Package
We believe that a strong methodology is the key to delivering superior solutions. Our process is customer-centric, grounded in business requirements and is proven.
Our Designers create consistent, brand-centric designs for websites.
Information Architects define the structure and navigation of content, and how the content works within a technical framework.
Technologists bring it together, forming a functional interactive website.
Our process provides a user-friendly, demonstration-based approach that ensures technical and non-technical clients alike understand exactly what is being developed, through visualisation and rapid prototyping.  This approach allows us to model the requirements, and solution, before deep development and design begins.  It is both highly efficient and a cost-effective way to conduct a project.
Our Process is Proven...
Examine out plan of action and see if it suits your company's needs and requirements. We've been developing websites since 2001 and now the process is refined. Our staff also teaching this approach at the college level in Toronto.
Webhoster Research and Discovery
We gather information about the client's business and target users.  It begins by listening and understanding what makes our clients unique, their identity, and their mission.  Then we research the intended audience
Webhoster Who are they?
Webhoster How best do we reach them and keep them engaged?
Webhoster How will they interpret the content?
Webhoster How easy will they find it to use?
Throughout this process we are constantly evolving a master guideline that will be used to execute the project from start to finish.
Webhoster Create Initial Requirements Documentation
Webhoster Discuss project objectives
Webhoster Discuss scope
Webhoster Discuss content
Webhoster Discuss features
Webhoster Analyse competition
Webhoster Confirm competitive advantage
Webhoster Determine target audience
Webhoster Build Prototype
Nowhere is experience more valuable than in the prototype creation process.  Here a design layout skeleton is developed and a number of mock-up designs are created.
Webhoster Focus message
Webhoster Specify features
Webhoster Confirm design and Content architecture
Webhoster Scope Defined, and Strategic Planning
We draw on our years of project management experience to ensure realistic budgets and schedules.  At this stage the project is refined and made clear.
Webhoster Plan project
Webhoster Set timescale and deadlines
Webhoster Final Sign off
Webhoster Development - Design, Content and Technical
Execute the project according to the specification documents. Visual designers and design technologists apply the specifications.
Webhoster Testing for usability and functionality
Webhoster Design Extensions
Webhoster System Programming
Webhoster System Integration
Webhoster Quality Assurance, Testing and Deployment
A meticulous focus on finding and fixing any problems before solutions go public.
Webhoster Test system and beta testing
Webhoster Undertake modifications and updates
Webhoster Final acceptance
Webhoster Deploy project
Webhoster Post Production Analysis
We are interested in long-term relationships and continue to serve our clients to maintain the integrity of each website.
Webhoster Make adjustments
Webhoster Creating a constant cycle for improvement
Webhosetr Training
Webhoster Maintenance
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